Avast, Ye Mateys! by peter123

Explore as an adventuring seafarer!

Improve your ship at the harbormaster, recruit fresh crew members at taverns, and overhear rumors and clues to guide your quest.

Will you work with the Imperial Navy, or do you long for life as a coldblooded pirate?

Save often, for any misstep could be your last! Post your scores, rate and review!

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Review by Exellinor
28 Mar 2022
Amazing Game, I love it!

Review by grapeguy420
04 Oct 2021
Only one thing: once you get good enough (70+ hull, 5+ armor, 20+ cannons), it can be a little boring, because you beat every ship and harpoon every whale while barely losing things. I took out the leviathan and only lost 5 hull because I had 120 hull to start out the fight. Please update

Review by blaze5484
01 Jul 2021
This is like you just stepped into the 1600s and recorded everything, then put it all in here. Love it!

Review by Savio
06 Jul 2020
It's alright.

Review by Mr.Puffy7
28 May 2020
If you save a lot it won’t freeze, which is good. I also really love the gameplay but I am not very happy that one pirate ship almost destroyed my 13 cannon ship with 5 armor and 50 hull strength, while the other ship had 2 armor, 20 hull strength and 8 cannons. It was weak, mine was powerful, yet I now only have 5 cannons after that battle. I was 10 time more powerful, and yet it still almost destroyed me. HOW. IS. THIS. POSSIBLE. Lower the power level of an 8 cannon ship please.

Review by Diamond Wolf
20 May 2020
Kept freezing but it was worth it, such a good game! the drawings and sound effects are amazing!

Review by Rock Studios .co
20 Mar 2020
Fantastic! An very good rpg-like.

Review by SlapstickGames
05 Jan 2020
Well made game but it can get a little repetitive

Review by Blubby
13 Nov 2019
It's probably the best pirate rp on this site. Drawings are eh tho.

Review by Storm E. Skies
06 Aug 2019
Uhhh... A bit boring to be honest.

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