Umbrea IV: Valor of Gods by FifthDream

Awoken from mystical slumber, you find yourself lost deep in a world embroiled in the darkest madness! You have nothing, save these blood stains on your hands! Your past, your very self, are a mystery! Who are you and what must you do to save your life, your soul, the strange world you find yourself in?! These mysteries lie within! Prove you have the VALOR OF GODS!


Umbrea IV: Valor of Gods is a fantasy role playing text adventure. Read about the world, and enter commands to play. Try to find out who you are, and what you are doing in this world. Learn about the world itself. Enjoy your adventure.

What you decide to enter is up to you, but entering text in a specific way yields better results.

Type and enter directions, such as north, east, south, west, up,
down, etc.
Also try: look north, look down, etc.

Interact with objects:
take _____, look at ____, drop _____, eat ____, open _____, etc.

Interact with characters:
tell _____ about ____, ask ____ about _____, etc.
(Try asking the wolf about where you are, or ask the wizard about who you are. Ask everyone a lot of things, you will be rewarded. Or punished.)

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Published 10 Jan 2015
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