Are you confused yet? by I love this place!

This is a game about confusion! It's my first game and probably sucks, so that's cool!
If you have a suggestion let me know! I've decided to keep working on this game!
Big thanks to Alec, Cady, And Eben for helping brainstorm and test the game!

Game is basically KIA
Not that updates for this game are all that fast (last one from last year uhhhhhh) but I'm kinda working on another game right now (even though I never finished this one or started on another one I wanted to) So if you've accidentally wandered into this hell hole, enjoy your stay, and enjoy the four-ish working endings 9-11-18

Update 4.5: Added an exit to the unfinished highway, also made the debug phone a normal phone, to call you'll have to type "Ask Phone about 911" or any other number, at least until I find a better way. And I finally fixed the damn walls. 4-7-17

Update 4.4: Added a few lines of dialogue, but this is mostly a grammatical update. 4-6-17

Update 4.3: This one is purely grammatical, I'm going around and touching up and changing some dialogue. 9-16-16

Update 4.2: Added new room on the moon, touched up grammatically here and there.

Update 4.1: Added more stuff for the moon. 6-30-16*

Update 4.0: Finished the fallout ending finally 4-26-16

Update 3.8: Added the Abernathys and improved the mansion 4-11-16

Update 3.6: Added the exits I forgot in the fallout area lol

Update 3.5: Added a ton of stuff to the commonwealth, but it is still in alpha stage.

Update 3.3: Added the commonwealth and vault 111 (this is getting pretty ambitious, huh)

Update 3.2:"Altered What is only the best ending in this-oh crap it's the author" WADE GET OFF MY GAME and I (not Wade) helped Oscar with his house

Update 3.1: Added back yard objects, a new ending, and the moon (unfinished)

Update 3.0: Added highway, Debug phone, and unfinished backyard

Update 2.9: Added street and expanded on the jungle

Update 2.5: Added Shed, deep jungle, and Red plant

Update 2.0: Added The living room, front yard and more dankness 3-5-16*

*Educated guess

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28 Jul 2018
It is awsome. Just the grammar and can you make it like where you can interact with other character for instance that character can say hey how did you get in here I really need help to get out so can we work together I’ve been in here for years

Review by Stella S.
24 Feb 2017
Some things I'd change, like a little bit of grammar mistakes. Otherwise, it was pretty nice. Not very perplexing, however. But I liked it. I never actually left wherever I was, the house of some sort. It was quite odd.

Review by Regisblackgaard
16 Dec 2016
dubya tee eff.
first i would like to give you credit for living up to your game's title.
this game makes no sense and the author never spend ANY EFFORT on it.

Review by cutecats2005
23 Oct 2016
WUT. This is ummm..... how should I put it?-interesting.

Review by Jacob Hensley
18 Feb 2016
It was a little wonky, but it was fine given the story to the game. I also loved the Illuminati secret ending. So fucking stupid, but I loved it. Good Game.

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Published 20 Sep 2016
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