Escape to Titan by kapsma

In the future, the worst criminals aren't just sentenced to prison. They're frozen into cryosleep, shipped off to prisons around the solar system, and forced to wake up into a world where everyone they know is dead and everything they knew is on another planet. But, when you wake up from cryosleep, all you know is something isn't right.

Can you escape Saturn's infamous prison station?

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03 Jan 2021
ah yes, the perfect thing to do after escaping a jail cell where you are sentenced to 100 years of
cyro sleep, spin around on a comfy chair

12 Mar 2020
can someone please tell me the way out of the security room? im stuck

Review by MissPistachiooss50
11 Mar 2020
(Excuse the name, he/him) Really fun to play! Enjoyed myself up until the Mess Hall. I just can't figure out how to continue. Love the concept though, I got scared for a bit, haha.

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