Everybody Wants to be a Cat by cwquinn16

This game is inspired by my love of animals, specifically of big cats. Through playing this game, you will experience different parts of a big cat's life--of your own choosing!

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21 Oct 2020
This is totally amazing!
I know you spent a lot of time on this, but... could you make it a little longer? please? thx!

12 Sep 2019
This is an educational and fun game! Good job

Review by Krystallix3
04 Mar 2019
This is a great game, cwquinn! It is very informational, and is a fun game to explore through. It was correct to put the ‘educational’ category on this game. It’s very kind of you to spread awareness to big cat hunting as well. This likely took awhile to code, especially with all the options and big cats available. Thank you for taking the time to make this game, and I applaud you for how good it turned out.

Review by IFforClassroom
11 Jan 2017
Good enough to use in school!

Review by JC-R
04 Nov 2016
Good job!!

Review by CraftyKat
12 Mar 2016
Wow!!! If all of the other branches are as big as the cheetah storyline--This took A TON of work, clearly! And it's educational! Kudos to you, cwquinn16!!!

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