Wake Up by xavea

You are trapped in a dream. You must wake up.

Note: You can die in this game, but you cannot get stuck. If you think you are stuck, you either haven't tried all your options or you have encountered a previously un-encountered glitch. Please comment if you think you are stuck.

Please read the 'about' page for further information.

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Review by Poyais
28 Nov 2014
A three part puzzle leading to a happy ending. It involves creepy dolls and killer vegetation, and disorientation, what's not to like. This is the first interactive fiction I've played in quite some time and it was a good re introduction. The quality of the language was high and contained some surprises .

Review by Silver
19 Aug 2014
When at the carnival you can go east to a maze which you can neither examine or enter. Going back west takes you to the midway (what happened to the carnival?) and going east takes you to the carnival again. Bugs needs fixing.

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Published 24 Sep 2013
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