A Friend to Light Your Way by verityvirtue

A short horror game set in a funeral.

There may be no incense, no cymbals, no monks at this funeral, but the night watch is mandatory. You've volunteered to take the watch for the first night, and just as well: you can hear him calling. Go round the void deck to get what you need.

Entered in Grand Guignol for ECTOCOMP 2016, placed 5th.
Review by IFforClassroom
19 Jan 2017
This story includes a light puzzle and a bit of creepiness. What I really love about it its the spot-on cultural setting. Right at the start, you can choose between two very realistic and quintessential types of Asian daughters for the PC. As you enter the scene, every detail, from conversations to "rooms" genuinely feels like modern rural China or Taiwan. (Please forgive the comparison! It's not politically motivated!) The author could have kept this as a very well-written slice-of-life. But the puzzle and the creepy plot do a good job of gamifying it all.

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Published 17 Jan 2017