The Snow Day by MikeyHall

A bored boy who tries to find something to do on a snow day and ends up with a day of adventures and excitement!
Review by daeun
15 Feb 2024
Uninteresting story but at least there are different endings.

Review by Michael R
24 Jan 2018
i really liked the story and what was going.

Review by Stripes
05 Jan 2018
Alright, I've read this story twice. This is by no means the worst story ever released here on Quest, but the grammar is a bit off (switching from past to present tense), and a few sentences are worded awkwardly. The plot itself had potential, but the characters and setting weren't given much description. The story sets itself up as an exciting adventure, but nothing very exciting happens. It's just a kid playing in the snow. And yes, it's perfectly possible to write a good story about a kid playing in the snow, but this just wasn't done well. Also, the choices the reader makes have little to no effect on the story. Don't feel discouraged, though; with some good advice and a little more practice, your writing could improve tremendously. Good luck, Mikey!

Review by UnknownPlayer0
11 Mar 2014
Very nice story! It's nice to see a dog in a walk, and another snow day, including in the real world (3/12/14) snow day. I'll give a 5 for the nice story!

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