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Fight for survival in a world overrun by zombies! Can you stay alive long enough to get your friends to a place of safety? Will you keep your humanity intact or become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter? And will you discover the secret behind the zombie virus?
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Review by Canadian_Godzilla
01 Mar 2024
this was a fantasic game! i played it several times over, i loved how you could choose who you were at the begining, highly rated!

Review by FrothyBuffalo41
09 Mar 2023
very good eeeeeee

Review by Eiih Jiez
20 Jun 2022
Very well written

Review by Ater Imber
26 Nov 2021
Well, it took me 4 play throughs, but I think I finally got the best ending. My last round, I managed to get Kayden and Michelle to the house on the island, and find the info in the cellar. It came down to me and Kayden, (both infected) and I managed to get her out the window before the zombies completely invaded.

It was a very touching ending, and perfectly fit for a zombie adventure game! I had actually teared up when I decided to help Kayden make a run for it. (So she could share the information we'd learned)

That said, all four play throughs, I got the same hint on the end screen about friends being important. I know it probably would've been too complicated from a game maker's stand point, but I felt like it kind of cheapened the ending to get the same hint no matter what choices were made.

Also, as I said in my comment, in a few of the play-throughs, certain sections seemed to be copy/pasted from an alone plot rather than incorporating the friends I had made. Again, from a game maker's perspective, I can understand it would seem quite tedious to re-write every scene only slightly differently to incorporate the companions, but I feel like as a player, some scenarios could've worked had that happened.

For example, at the mall when I went in search of Kayden and had to lead the zombies away from Victoria Secret, the best scenario I thought, would've been to lead them away into the Best Buy, and then lock them in using the gate to the store, to keep them trapped. However, when I tried this tactic, I ended up getting bitten. It also said 'you weren't strong enough alone to close the gate'. That - coupled with the hint about needing friends on the end screen, made me think if I'd brought a friend with me, two people would be able to slam the gate.

However, when I brought a friend with me to check on Kayden, the scenes played out exactly the same way as they had when I was alone. It was as if I didn't actually bring anyone with me - there was no interjected dialogue, and certainly no help from the friend when I tried leading the zombies away.

That was probably my most frustrated part of the game, aside from having to start over at the very beginning each time. If you're going to make a specific note of 'you weren't strong enough ALONE' and give a hint about needing friends, you'd think there would be a way to get out of the situation, if you brought a friend along. But no, there wasn't. I also tried playing the scene as both genders, just in case that was the issue - it wasn't.

Aside from that, I think the game makers did a great job! The scenes were very descriptive, and I found most of the choices realistic things I would do in those scenarios. All in all, I would definitely recommend this game! Though, be warned: it may take you a few play throughs to get it 'right'.

Review by blaze5484
29 Aug 2021
This game was awesome! Really realistic. I liked it a lot. It was like World War Z!

Review by Savio
11 Oct 2020
A fun choices-matter game. Took me a few tries to get a survival ending, there are a few different routes to the end I think. Justin's a bit of a wanker though.

Review by Yellowfang112233
28 Mar 2020
This is a well-written game with descriptive details. While I think getting an ending in which you survive is rather hard, it's still a great game.

Review by Andres5554
25 Jan 2020
Good writing, immersive narrative and the cast of characters and choices is very well made.

Review by Blunderbutt69
03 Dec 2018
Really well done

Review by Lolimthatguy
22 Jan 2018
Honestly, i feel like the story ain't that bland or boring it gives you a real feeling of being in a zombie apocaplyse.
Also my first character was a software engineer and plays sports and i survived with 1 person(Brian xd)and i didn't die once probably got the good ending i guess.

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