Dr. Science Mouth by FarleySweet

It is Halloween night and whether you blame the drinks and dares or cursed curiosity your evening has left you facing the mysterious Sampton Warehouse home to only what you dare to discover. Will you simply look then flee from all the terrors around you or will you take the risks and investigate the kingdom of madness you’re about to descend into?

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Review by biospu
03 Apr 2020
Numerous spelling mistakes and poor grammar in general made be quit early, in the little I did play the characters were weird and the dialogue was confusing . Even if I excuse the mistakes the story doesn't hold up, if you can't capture a reader's interest in the beginning then why should they read it at all?

Review by ShamlynVee27
09 Oct 2019
Very good horror exp.
A word of advice : Draw a map and good luck!
P.S. : finished it in school

Review by blindexplorer
10 Aug 2018
Brilliant game! Engrossing story -- the plot and atmosphere are well set up. You don't have to spend ages trying to guess commands, it's easily followed logically. Beware of the booby traps! The 1st time I died because I hadn't checked everything in the Dirty Bathroom. On the 2nd play, I died in the Smoky Room. Great fun. One to return to and try again.

Review by Kenty666
29 Aug 2017
absolutely loved this game .. died unfortunately but other than that very descriptive and an awesome play all round

Review by GameofChocolate
12 Jul 2017
Really tricky, fun, and crazy. Very well written. I died but it was my own fault for not keeping on the move. Well done!

Review by funkyspunk90
31 Jan 2017
Good descriptions&atmosphere, though there are mistakes in the writing in some places.
It's a well designed & put together experience, although you don't find out much about what was going on in the end!

Review by Hormus
24 Dec 2016
I really love this game-a regular blood-chiller. When I heard the drill, I was litterally trembling in my seat! This game is awesome! and the doctor is a genius, being able to find my hiding spot. I love it!

Review by Dark-Al
13 Dec 2016
Played this one a few times when I do have a chance. I always find this game always making me shake and made me paranoid in the later stages of the game. Good job, and I hope I'll finish it one day.

Review by Regisblackgaard
27 Nov 2016
a what a good of a game of a genius

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