End of Timez - Episode 1 - Learning by bman1524

This is a zombie-apocalyptic based world. Choose if you're going to become a merciful survivor; or a stone-cold killer! Some minor choices that you may not think are a big deal could have a major impact on the story ark at later times. Episode 1 is very short, because I want to know feedback before continuing on. (P.S this is my first time doing one of these, so critique as you must.)

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Review by Kitaboo
25 Jun 2015
This is a good start! It tells me about how the game is going to go, what's going to happen. things like that. You give the player a good idea of what's to come. The only thing I would ask for is more choices, such as "Watch the tv", or "Choose who should die: Jessica, or Erick". Remember, no one truly cares if a person who is dead is reanimated! As long as you give a recap of the previous "episode," you're fine!

Review by BeggerStager
23 Jun 2015
Nice amount of text. But wow, that was short. I like where this is going. Although, perhaps you could add more choices. Instead of talking and giving. Perhaps... running away, or... throwing it at them, or... fighting them.

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