Unworded by Hexdro

A Short Slice of Life Text Adventure/Gamebook.
You follow in the shoes of a not-so average teen. You suffer depression and are trying to get over it and to add onto the problems deeply in love with a girl from your school.

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Review by funny_BANANA
11 Sep 2019
I could not end the game

Review by ByteGuy
22 Aug 2019
This was absolutely fab! The story flowed and you felt engaged with the MC. The happy ending was very satisfying. Just because a story is short doesnt make it bad and in this case that really shows. Well done...

Review by Vulture75
29 Jun 2018
Awesome. Really makes you think anything is possible. (Love wise)

Review by Syka
03 May 2017
Really good. I related to the MC so much. It's a shame that it's so short though I really liked it.

Review by TheRobesofDeath
27 Dec 2016
Really nice game. The story line is somewhat cliche but it is very heartwarming. Love it!

24 Jul 2016
A more than decent text adventure. Personally, I related well to the protagonist. The choices actually felt like they mattered, despite there only really being two each page. Enjoyable length.

Review by TurboIda
20 Mar 2016
A cute, little adventure who gives a peek into a bit of this a bit of that. I really liked this :)

Review by Stryker
27 Oct 2015
Why you do this *sniffs* (Tears of joy)
I'm actually crying to this thing. My First Favorite DEV!
My hands are shaking**
Please make more of this stuff**
(Cries in the corner)

Review by ThatYoungGenius
25 Jan 2015
Interesting game. The grammar isn't very good, though. And the storyline is a bit... flawed. But I do like it, just go through and edit the spelling / grammar next time.

Review by Jordan-Tanker
23 Jan 2015
Awesome game. A few grammatical mistakes (not that I have any room to talk), but I really like it. Keep up the good work!


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