Shrunk in house by Deathfromarras

New one, I will update this soon

visit my workshop!! :-

Update 1 :- added a new floor with 2 new rooms enjoy!! :)

Update 2:- added bathroom, as requested by Ava_xxx and 18+ elements as requested by quocccc

Update 3:- added a kitchen to explore and a alternate good ending to the game enjoy:) (I might make use of the bathtub next)

Update 4:- made use of bathtub, there is a maid in the bathtub you can interact with, enjoy ;)

Update 5:- torch will now be able to discharge rather than going on forever (laughs in evil) enjoy >:)

Update6:- standing in the hallways for too long can have dangerous consequences, enjoy >:]

Update7:- fixed the torch system, I will not a be able to work too much on the game as the computer is no longer in my room, I will try but do not count on me

Update:- teeny tiny bug fix

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Review by Ornintobo
09 Mar 2024
The idea is good, but the light system should be reworked, as a lot of times my light literally just died 1 movement after I recharged. Other thing that should be botted in this light system, is how it's not supported by textadventure's system, as sometimes the light goes out in the hallway, and when I try to recharge the torch, the game simply doesn't let me, as it keeps opening my cellphone's keyboard, giving me a free game over.

Other thing to mention, is that you should give the characters a new age, as the game literally have 2 minors, the protag, and the young sister (Wich probably have 10 -12 years, Wich is pretty fucked up), this is practically pedo bullshit, and the main reason I'm giving 1 star, if this wasn't on the game, I would give it 3/4 stars.

Review by 34tyrt6
21 Nov 2023
what do you do at first to progress

13 Apr 2023
Torch charge system is still glitchy, leading to a couple errors.

Review by quocccc
26 Mar 2023
pretty good start

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