You are Peacock, Get a Job! by Benny Disco

You wake up and you are peacock. You are also running late for job interview.

What do?
05 Nov 2018
Amazing layout, packed with absurdist comedy. My only complaint is that it was too short, but for what is here its a perfect 5 stars.

Review by Hanon Ondricek
03 Nov 2013
BAWK! (This game about peacocks, and therefore best game ever created. Goal is get job.)
BAWK! BAWK! (Game may have slight problems. Looping when breakfast. Hard for peacock to win.)
BAWK!! (Game makes people laugh.)
BAWK? BAWK! (You play game unless have problem with peacocks. In that case peacock files discrimination lawsuit.)

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Written by
Benny Disco

Published 02 Nov 2013