Victorian Detective 2 by peter123

You're a great detective living in Victorian London. Your internal monologue will guide you by clicking on links in the body of text as you investigate a young girl's disappearance.

Your eidetic memory is represented by your ability to reread all the story you've experienced...

Your intensely fast analyzing ability is represented by your unlimited time between choices...

Your vast knowledge is represented by the internet...

London needs you!

Please comment and rate my games, and if you enjoy the Victorian Detective series I would be happy if you voted on which game you thought was the best. Follow the link below to vote.

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Review by Megabits2
25 Nov 2018
Good, but too hard and not as good plot as the first one

Review by Jiangxi123
14 Nov 2018
The game kinda stopped after a bit. But I was able to play well!

Review by Richard Headkid
05 Jul 2018
This one was okay, but I thought the first one was done better.

Still fun to play, though!

Review by WarriorsSN
27 Jun 2018
better than the first one... i got a 57.9% deductive reasoning score :p i was soo bad. great game yay i loved it

Review by MissSarcastic
15 May 2018
Even better than 1 one.

Review by EmoGhost674766
11 Apr 2018
it is very fun to play and also fun. whoever made this make #3 now!!!

Review by Fakesteavelol
04 Feb 2018
It good,i like it make part 3 if you have it gimme the link

Review by Tamzy
21 Jan 2018
My favorite one so far. I love that you can make choices with different results without spoiling the game. I got overall 72.9% and earned the Guardian Angel feat. Great job!

Review by edgymcedgebro
28 Sep 2017
just wow

Review by nammyal
25 Sep 2017
Total Deductive Reasoning Score 84.2%

You earned the "Guardian Angel" Feat
You were always there to save those in need.

You've completed Victorian Detective: Pathological

Made no mistakes for the second half. Once I got into it, it was fun.

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