Úrquel, the black dragon by David T. Marchand

A short hypertext adventure story about a dragon kidnapping a princess and a hero trying to rescue her.

But it's also a joke about how silly the typical "you" character is in most IFs. And a commentary on how do we tend to perceive the "main" versus "secondary" character structure.

Originally in Spanish (en el juego hay un enlace a la versión castellana).

There's political stuff in it too! Like, about kingdoms and what do they mean as a common scenery for adventure stories. Nothing too serious though.

It has 4 different endings, depending mostly on whether the reader chooses the good side or the bad side. But quite frankly the game's also a joke about how silly the typical "good" versus "bad" moral structure is.
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Written by
David T. Marchand
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Published 14 Mar 2012
Listing added 13 Jan 2014

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