Reality (Warrior Cat) by AnnBanaan

Leader: OatStar - Pale sand colored she-cat.
Deputy: FleetSun - Dark black tabby she-cat
Medicine: PikeBerry - Golden tabby she-cat with distinctive dappled coat
Warriors: JayCloud, SunGaze, ShadeStrike, PatchJaw and BirchPuddle
Apprentices: MoonPaw, CherryPaw, CinderPaw and you, DewPaw.
Elders: BranchJay, SunCreek.
Queens: RoseGrass, MouseHare.
Kits: MeadowKit, ThornKit and ArchKit.

UPDATE 5/12/2020- I will be working on this game very soon and there will be a lot of updates! I will also be working on another camping based game, so just look out for that if you like my work so far. :)

A warrior cats "Choose your own adventure" Game. You play as DewPaw, a white and ginger she-cat. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. :) Enjoy! <3

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Review by Moonwatcher
04 Jun 2020
I liked this game! The quality was really great!

Review by Thecatofallcats
03 May 2020
Good spelling and not super short!

Review by PietroXI
10 Apr 2020
Very great job upon this game! The writing is free of errors and amusing... or would that be a-mew-sing?... to read! Keep up the excellent work.

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