CRUSH by thomscullion

CRUSH is a game about finding romance in the social media age.

- by Thom Scullion
Review by RobotGuy999
13 Aug 2017

Review by Kerfuffle
30 Jan 2016
A little too short. I was hoping for some way I could actually get in touch with said character and more would happen, but regardless of what I did, there was no actual story there...

Review by MiserablePenguin
18 Mar 2015
I really like this! It's a bit short, but that's okay. It's really fun! I wish there was a way to win or at least get her to talk to me...

Review by Baconator 46
19 Feb 2014
Pretty nice. Don't know how to beat it, but I enjoy it nontheless

Review by Eleka
11 Jan 2014
It was too short for me, I couldn't get the crush to talk to me.

Review by Intrepid-Creative
05 Dec 2013
I like the humor and the pacing, a very nice little game to kill time with. Very amusing.

Review by prixtee
05 Dec 2013
A bit short but very enjoyable :)

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