Ben Hoffman: Reloaded by menenluc

In this world, the people who are not genetically enhanced have been ostracized from society because the technology is incredibly expensive. These people are subject to the racism of the highest degree and are often found dead etc. Due to their unsightly appearance, they have been moved to a different location and were forced to live with all the pollution in the world.

On the other hand, the “Alphas” all are able to live in particular cities and have all access to services and their life is great. This person will be able to get other benefits from genetic editing such as improved features but also disadvantages such as the fact that all of society is a perfect kind of thing.

Lastly, a war is on the brink of starting and the “Betas” are sent to war because they are considered subhuman and almost all die while the rest of the world believes that they are only drones combating the enemy. The story ends for the non-enhanced by him dying and the “Alpha” lives a normal life.
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Published 13 Jun 2022