Alone in the Void by GAZArts

The Starship Amaethon floats alone in the frigid emptiness of space, its engines humming softly as it hurtles further and further from its intended destination. What catastrophe befell the fully manned mining vessel, a behemoth the size of a city, to leave it so hopelessly adrift? The experts back on Earth can only speculate, but all signs point to a disaster of epic proportions, one that rendered the entire crew incapacitated, perhaps all at once. Countless conspiracy theories swirled around the Amaethon, but none of them came close to the truth of what occurred aboard that fateful voyage.

*With Sound*

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Review by daeun
05 Feb 2024
A pretty interesting fallout game that introduces elements of improved npc communication system and locked room puzzles.
A recommended game for new game creators to learn from as well.

Review by lyckhembearnagh
16 Apr 2023
Great and interesting!

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 14 Apr 2023
Updated 02 May 2023