Black Forest Part 1: Winterside by Devon Oratz

In a realm of shattered dreams and realized nightmare, one man from the real world wakes to a surreal land of shadows. In the grand tradition of fantasy/horror, Devon Oratz's Black Forest thrusts the player into a world of the unknown, a world which couldn't possibly be real, where wondrous magic and violent death await around every shadowed corner. Welcome to Winterside...can you get out alive?

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Review by GAMER!
08 Feb 2008
This game is good. I've only played a tiny bit of it but I allready know it's good! The only problem is that when you look at an object a menu comes up showing you what you can do with that object. This makes the game a bit easy, but I'm not saying It's really easy. I give it a 4 out of five because of the objects and when you look at and the menu's come up showing what you can do with the BLA BLA BLA!

Anyway good game!

Review by Graham Kelly
01 Jul 2002
The storyline was good, but there were quite a few typos and text that kept away the feeling of "immersion". Nice idea, though (a bit too much like "Fade to White", but that's okay).

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
"Black Forest"'s dream-like immersion suits the IF genre well. Unfortunately, the game does lack some sole 'purpose' for the player to strive for in the game. This is essential and although the whole "mystery" concept does keep people entertained the curiosity does rubb off after a while. Many actions you must complete in the game are way to obvious and although unique descriptions are refreshing to see they are often too long and placed in distracting places. Though "Black Forest" is not a short game, it's not terribly long either. Some 'tweaking' and a few more rooms would definetly improve the whole experience too.

Nethertheless, "Black Forest" is a beautfully-written text adventure that is worth playing. The environments are fun to explore and you can't help but grin when you find out new places to go. It's enjoyable and I would say it is one of the better Quest games in this archive. The highlights are the nicely-carved worlds you can enter and the whole 'playability' side to it. At first I was a little unamused, but "Black Forest" grew on me as I finally got used to the set-up and really began playing it.

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Written by
Devon Oratz

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Written for Quest 2.17
Published 11 May 2002

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