CJE 6627: Digital Forensics Tutorial by joscott99

A tutorial on the basics of digital forensics.

A local law enforcement agency has asked you to develop an online training game for their in-service training program. Do not assume they have had any digital crime scene experience or training. The audience is patrol officers, detectives, crime scene technicians, and line-level supervisors.

The topic is “Best Practices for the Digital Forensics First Responder.” The goal of the training is to introduce the audience to “best practices” for a Digital Forensics First Responder.

Here is the topic for the game:

An informant came to the station and mentioned that small business southeast of the station is selling bootleg DVDs. You have a warrant to search the business for items that are related to the illegal copying of DVDs and items related to that crime. The scope of the search limits seizure to items suc as desktop PC, printers, and peripherals. Server, networking, and telecomm equipment are to be left on premise unless evidence indicates these were used in the commission of the crime.

You will need to determine the items necessary for the crime scene investigation and add these to your inventory. Once all items are seized you are to return to the police station.

To exit the station and go to the crime scene you need to head south.

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Published 04 Jan 2022