Daedalis Promo by Ania Rydzinski

((This is a preview of the game! Just the first area, more soon!))
You are a lost pilot, crashed in an unfamiliar ghost town. Strange creatures shriek and murmur from the shadows, distant lights on the horizon blink odd hues, the air is sickly and warped. You have no idea where you are. You have no idea how you got here. You only know that you must get out.

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Review by Silver
02 Aug 2013
You're a pilot of a ship. A captain, surely? Or is it a spaceship? There's no mention of the universe. What year are we in? You see a city. So I guess you're on planet Earth. You hope someone might come to help. The RNLI? Maybe you have the coast guard's number? Or the charity that deals with other kinds of ships? Is it a city on Andromeda? Your armour is ruined. Armour. Maybe it's a land ship in the Tudor period? Or you can sea a city that is close to the sea? You have a handgun. A pistol? No lasers are mentioned. It's at least the 16th century then. You also have ration pills. So maybe your ship was a time machine?

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Written by
Ania Rydzinski

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 18 Jun 2012
Updated 19 Jun 2012

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