Haunted House by rockersuke

Haunted House is a remake of a 1979 game made by Device Oriented Games for the TRS-80 computer. Written for the 2011 Indigo speed-comp, it features an original plot over the classic game set-up. Its final, way more tested and polished, version is now publicly released for the 2016 Year of Adventure jam.

The game has got a booklet, sort of a "feelie", with interesting details concerning its creation process and other trivia, which you can read at:

Review by emmodii
23 Sep 2017
Aside from what I'm pretty certain is a Doctor Who parody of the characters, the story is actually pretty decent. Not too sure if I should be thinking of it like a normal, creepy DW episode or a thing by itself though, so I'm not too sure if I should conclude that it's actually haunted, or there's some space-time shenanigan happening right there with a spectral of energy or alien or whatever.

The layout was kinda confusing and I almost got lost, but otherwise, really not that bad. Wish we could know more about Indigo and maybe what was going on, however.

Review by viktuuri
03 Jun 2017
how do I move in the daaaark??? this game is quite fun, but really difficult.

Review by Juhii
30 May 2017
Hard to play until you are familiar to all the commands and needs some more ''concret end'' but worth it.

Review by kwi
22 May 2017

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