A Night To Remember by Chase Gary

When Terrence Collins and his friends come across a body in the street, they discover that the situation is much worse than they thought...
Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
Another zombie game, where you guess choices and die lots if you go the wrong way.
Doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense- At one point the protagonist violently attacks an elderly man without any reason or choice, referring to things that haven't happened.

Review by Chiasm Chicken
26 May 2014
Almost no details and a cheap and played out plot. Not worth playing.

Review by Faremodernwar
29 Apr 2014
Good play, very disturbing at the end of the game

Review by kindbloodedArlanna
24 Nov 2013
I love how realistic this creator made this. I'll be waiting for part two...

Review by CrapTower
05 Nov 2013
I like how the writer uses depth and detail to show the horrors of the night

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Written by
Chase Gary

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Published 04 Nov 2013