Sled Dog Stories by PietroXI

Enter the furry soul of a sled dog on an Antarctic mission, the last one prior to the outlawing of dogs upon the continent. Help your humans, survive the cold, witness wildlife, forge relationships with the other dogs on your team, and see if you can return to domesticity once the adventure is done!

Cover art credit of violetta on, many thanks for allowing individuals to use your beautiful works!

This story is completed, with three possible endings! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 100+ PLAYS!

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Review by Cheemps
21 Jan 2024
I find this very fun. It's Interactive and descriptive. A few more options would be nice, but it's fun enough that it equals it out

Review by TrashGremlin
15 Aug 2023
I love this! the writing is vry ditailed and thorough while still being Interactive enough! :D

Review by Lift.
04 Jul 2023
I really enjoyed it!

Review by Warriorcat_●▪
22 Jul 2021
I love this, i always play this game when i have time to, its good and your writing is brilliant!

Review by Plink
02 Jun 2021
Very good game, just would like the ability to not side with either Pinto or Cruise by ignoring the fight or joining in on neither side.

Review by Dawn Owl
24 Aug 2020
It was really amazing, I love the wide variety of endings!

Review by Detective
22 Mar 2020
I love it. So cool!

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 22 May 2020
Updated 14 Jun 2020