Bogs by KanS

The Bog is a small creature that few have ever seen. Bog societies are built around nature and these shy creatures are rarely seen fighting. The Bogs live in societies of exactly 30 Bogs and in their society the bogs often hunt, tend crops, and, on rare occasions, these small things can be seen communicating with other creatures such as the Zorks or Faeries. Most woodland creatures have come to be fond of the Bog’s hardworking, kind, and loving society. The Bogs will do anything to stay together and they will need help in doing this. Recently, the land has become war torn as the neighbors of the Bogs, the Zorks and the Phorcs, have been fighting with each other and in the process destroyed most of the land, including the Bogs’ village. Now the Bogs aren’t vengeful creatures; they don't want to fight. But they need a new home now. A temporary camp will not cut it for the winter months and the Bogs numbers have been dwindling; it’s time for a call to action!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 26 Feb 2015