A Cup of Tea by The Egotist

A very simple game. The challenge: prepare a cup of tea. Don't die.

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Review by KyuJones
03 Feb 2016
Any order I chose to do things did not work - aside from one thing..
Teapot on stove, turn on.
Although turn on stove THEN place teapot did not work.
I'm not sure why only very particular routes will work, but I could never make the other items be used.

Review by BeautyvsAshes
13 Jun 2014
I am giving this a 4 because it took me forever to figure out how to brew the tea. *SPOILER - don't read if you don't want to know anything prior to playing* I have never used a teabag in a teapot before. I tend to save the teabags for my teacups and the tea leaves for my teapot. But still was fun. Now I want a cup of tea. How did you know my favourite was Earl Grey?! :)

Review by lostguitarpick
04 Jul 2013
This is amazing and I love it. I laughed all the way through knowing there was arsenic. This game proves that sometimes simple is best :) I'd love to see another like this

Review by Nate Aubin
21 Feb 2013
As someone who drinks a lot of tea and plays a bunch of text games, I really enjoyed this. The one question I have: why do I have a pouch of arsenic? More specifically, why do I have a pouch of arsenic in my kitchen by the sugar? Don't get me wrong, I thought it was hilarious. But I get the feeling I'm playing as some sort of international assassin.

18 Feb 2013
I couldn't get anywhere past picking everything up and filling the teapot with water. The commands should be simple and obvious.

Review by TriangleGames
11 Feb 2013
It's good (and surprisingly fun), but there's a couple more things you might consider adding. Since the stove is a container object, the game let me "put teapot on stove" and simply said, "done." But since that didn't heat the water, I was quite confused. Also, I'm accustomed to putting teabags into the cup not the the pot, so that made it hard to figure out. While precise syntax is part of the tradition in text games, it's nice to try and guess what else the wily player might try, and if it's close to the right idea then at least provide a comment that hints at what they need to do differently, or if it's REALLY close just go ahead and give it the same effect. I enjoyed making my tea with/ without the arsenic and condiments, but it would be fun if the difference the milk and sugar made was expressed.

Review by Artemis
11 Feb 2013
I love it! The Egotist is my older sister :P. I think it deserves a 5 star rating! Nice game. The Frst time I played, I put arsenic in my tea on purpose lol!

Review by GreyOwl
11 Feb 2013

I like the game. It's a bit hilarious...

Review by Naomi Cathcart
10 Feb 2013
does what it says on the tin lol

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