their angelical understanding by Porpentine

I train to fight angels in a monastery by the sea.

Wear headphones.

TW: Suicidal ideation, ableism, abuse, possible epilepsy trigger.
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Review by Rogue-Shinigami
21 Jun 2016
WOW! This was super unnerving, but in the way that's like 'should I really be relating to this?' Very well done. Played through it once, and never again... But very well done.

Review by DaNiX88
14 Jul 2015
A very emotional journey. It was very well-written, and the extra descriptions were well-done. The sounds were just a bit glitchy on my computer, but I was so entranced by the story, it didn't matter to me much. I recommend this story to anyone who has been hurt before. And I also encourage to see more than one ending.

Review by Jaguar Queen
22 Feb 2015
Beautifully done. Keep up the good work!

Review by AtomicMegadeath
15 Jul 2014
Very cool.

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