Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac Schankler

"An interactive (non)fiction about living with depression." The player of this multimedia hypertext game is given a series of everyday life events, and has to attempt to manage their illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment.

This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and to illustrate to people who may not understand the illness the depths of what it can do to people.

Official Selection - Indiecade 2013 Winner - Best Narrative Game - Boston FIG Winner - Best in Category - Mass DiGi Honorable Mention - Mozilla GameOn Competiton
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Review by SoftheartRocks
08 Oct 2017
Thank you. I went into this, prepared to write a review for a game that was stupid and mocked the true severity of depression. Thank you, for finally showing people that depression is a real issue.

Review by matthew elam
25 Nov 2016
If you have not experienced it its crap. If you have been through it , its spot on.

Review by ashstansell
30 Oct 2016
The formatting is clean and easy to understand. That`s a draw, but not the only reason I like it. Games or media in general talking about this topic is scarce, and I`m glad you took the time to put research, love, and effort in the game to paint a realistic picture of depression.

Review by AC Me Rolin
05 Aug 2016
Definitely needs work, In my opinion. Try not to get it dodgily endorsed too, okay?

Review by S36
11 Mar 2016
An engaging and impressively accurate game. It reflects what I have seen in close friends and family. Great game for those who want to learn about depression.

Review by Neverward
20 Feb 2016
I'm on my way to finishing it but already I feel it is a masterpiece, extremely education for both those who suffer from depression and those who's loved ones suffer as well. This should be played by everyone who wants a closer understanding of the darker side of our emotions. I made each choice the way I know I honestly would have reacted, instead of just trying to beat the game, and it made it very personalized. I would recommend that to everyone playing.

Review by 1tonynerd
08 Nov 2015
this game is incredible, the story is fantastic!
I was very involved with the story, mainly because ever had depression, and this game made me realize that I still have some reflections of passad (sorry if you have any pronounced error here can not speak English very well)

Review by Ringneck
21 Jul 2015
I played this game on steam some months ago, but decided to review it here after seeing it. All the BS Zoe Quinn had to deal with over this is appalling, but in the end she made a great product that has the unique ability to show someone like me that we really are understood. I felt more understood by this short gamebook than by my family, friends and therapists, and that's saying something. The experience isn't perfect, it was, like many have said, too easy to get a good ending, but in most other ways it is an amazing experience that anyone who suffers or has suffered from depression should play, and everyone else as well. I have a question, though, was Depression Quest made using Quest?

Review by SasuTenLuvr
27 Apr 2015
It's strange. The main character's life isn't anywhere close to mine, but at the same time... I feel like this is me. The thoughts and feelings are mine, and it's an amazing feeling to know I'm not the only one with these fears and doubts. I'm almost tearing up at how understood I feel right now.
I found myself not trying to "win the game" but instead... to look inside myself, and make the choices I'd make. And, surprisingly, I think I ended in the game where I emotionally am now.
Thank you for this experience.

Review by MisterPibb316
25 Apr 2015
It's very difficult to rate a game like this, because the 'game' part of this, well, game, is secondary to the message. I expected some sort of preachy PSA, but there was a lot of realism to this in all actuality. I wouldn't say it's *entirely* realistic in all ways: for example, I feel like it's a little too easy to get a good ending, and perhaps the solution was a little too straightforward (a lot of people with depression, though they know of counseling and medication, aren't as ready as one mouse click is to accept that such solutions apply to them.) The authors are right when they say that depression is a battle and, even with treatment, it is a lifelong situation, and I appreciate their acknowledgement of that.

Ultimately this isn't the most fun you'll ever have playing a text adventure, and it certainly isn't supposed to be, but you might find it to be quite an immersive--and relatable--experience, depending on your own life story.

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Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac Schankler
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Published 2013
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