Wolves by Pipper

This is a game where you start off as a male wolf looking for a mate you won't be that wolf but if you are successful you will have pups (nowhere near a spoiler) you will be a pup and it's a story about your life and if you're going to be a lone wolf or get a pack and your struggle to live in the wild as a wolf.
None of the pics are mine they belong to google and whoever put them on there also some parts in the beginning are from Wild Wolf's World made by RadiantDawn so credit to him also if you want to check out his game it's under simulation. THERE ARE BIG GAPS BETWEEN SOME CHOICES DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THEM THEY WERE MISTAKES! Please tell me ways I can improve. I would appreciate it. ;)

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Review by Redfur100
07 Mar 2022
It was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Killer cat
09 Dec 2020
Amazing and also screw everyone who hated on this game.

Review by Amabelle1
25 May 2020
Very good!!! :D

Review by Asterlie
01 Jun 2018
Very short and is oddly similar to someone else's wolf game. There is little to no detail and is poorly written.

Review by ᕼowler
15 Mar 2018
I love it! It is longer Han the last one but little detail. Please finish this! It's fun!!

Review by snazzy ray
04 Jan 2017
I really like the idea and the storyline of this game. It really could use some work, like giving more choices and things, but it's not bad.

Review by Regisblackgaard
03 Jan 2017
extremely amateurish.
a. not a lot
b. some are just stupid. "there is a plain." really?
a. short
a. wasn't too well made.
b. extremely short
c. not interesting
d. not original at all. you admit yourself that some parts were borrowed from RadiantDawn's game.

Nuff said.
Otherwise, good job on your first game. I didn't do too well on mine either.

Review by SkinnyAlien
31 Dec 2016
I don't think it's very good as it's very short and there didn't seem to be many choices, but good job on your first game. I'm sure you'll get better as you go on

Review by mentlegen
30 Dec 2016
it is ok but there is too much text and not much story and the choices are not that good but for your first game it is not that bad

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