Karen's Quest by SlapstickGames

You are a Karen. Riding your shiny silver Subaru, you set off on a quest to your local Appletini's in search of cheap mimosas to drink and trays of food to send back to the kitchen. Maybe the service will be better this time. After all, the staff has heard all of your complaints throughout the years, especially the revolving door of managers that have come and gone thanks to you. Will your journey to speak to the manager end in success and free stuff or public humiliation?

There's only one way to find out...

The cover for this game was created by the incredibly talented Gubblenub. You can find their work and commission artwork of your own at: deviantart.com/gubblenub

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Review by chewed123pencil
18 Mar 2024
idk what to write but uhh yeah this is cool

Review by dw817
23 Aug 2022
Superb. Excellent writing and humor. You've got my interest.

Review by CYOAgal
01 Dec 2021
I have a friend called Karen who is nice, and one called Chelsea who is a Karen. We go out without her now because of the shame. This is a game about what I imagine its like when she goes on her own now!!


Review by sven_zxc
10 Oct 2021
A fun little game with several humorous moments and endings.
My compliments to the manager.

Review by doopdoop4
18 Jun 2021
Comedy, Entitlement, The manager and Apple-tini’s. This game was hilarious.

13 Jun 2021
First day on the site and this is the funniest game I've played yet.

Review by x12348765
07 Jun 2021
This game is hilarious.
First, what's better than reading about some complete piece-of-work Karen, getting her comeuppance in a very public manner? And this game delivers!

Great jokes, descriptions, and of course, action! Appletinni...classic. Karen get her big rump most deservedly punished and exposed, in a variety of different and uproarious endings. We all get a good laugh at her expense.

There are plenty of twists and turns for a variety of different (butt very satisfying) endings.

Another great game brought to you by the brilliant mind behind the Ambergris Heist.

Thanks for another bawdy and ribald adventure!


Review by SuperStarr
05 Jun 2021
Fun little game. Lots of endings and funny scenarios.

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Published 09 Jun 2021
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