The city a giantess and vore game by Hidden moo

So I'm currently making a shrinking rpg'ish game and i want input on the last character in the party. thanks, also let me know if somethings wrong with the link.

All characters and copyright of said characters belong to their respective companys.
You live in a city where all female superheroes and video game characters (At least the ones I care to put in.) live. And of course it is New York, simply for the name it will not be accurate.

So a couple notes first, this is my first time working with Quest so expect bugs.
Second I have no update schedule I will simply work on it when ever I feel like it.
Third labels with change on things and some encounters with one character I will end up moving to another.
Fourth the hallways to the dc heroes are placeholders and will get moved to the city eventually.
Last this game is not for everyone it has vore, body exploration (not quite implemented) and other similar things you have been warned!

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Review by wolfyperv
30 Dec 2018
the old version had a lot more to do but this i can only do batgirl and the west opposition doesn’t work. plz fix.

Review by godzilla20067
21 Sep 2018
this good please add more

Review by Blunderbutt69
20 Sep 2018
GOLD STAR!... Well actually more like 4... anyway keep up the good work

Review by StoriesJest
15 Jun 2018
Pretty good, but it has some bugs, and some of the story is a bit choppy(just like my first game was XD) Can't wait to see more, I really enjoyed what there was.

Review by xxllxx
12 Jun 2018
Pretty great start so far. Finally a gts game on here with some interesting characters. Keep at it!

Review by epicskull
10 Jun 2018
It's a start, good luck to you :)

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 08 Jun 2018
Updated 29 Dec 2018