Bigger Than You Think by Andrew Plotkin

Bigger Than You Think is a choice-based interactive narrative.

This game was written for the Yuletide 2012 fanfic exchange. The game was inspired -- perhaps loosely -- by Randall Munroe's comic xkcd-1110: "Click and Drag". The touch of Calvino is purely for added flavor.
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Review by blindexplorer
22 Jul 2018
This game kept me entertained and intrigued for hours. First time I haven't quit a IF game in frustration. I was immersed in a highly imaginative subterranean world I genuinely wanted to understand and explore, not panicking about being hopelessly trapped. The automatic restart allows you to recover and try again. Loved the labyrinth, the deceptively simple beginning and ever increasing layers of complexity and dawning knowledge. In the early stages the tools & skills picked up are logical, e.g. clear what to do with a key, right? Later on, less obvious, and it takes leaps of imagination to solve the puzzle of each chamber. I got stumped by the umbrella but made it eventually. Fun, clever game with an uplifting conclusion. Very satisfying. Well done, Mr. Plotkin.

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Written by
Andrew Plotkin
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Published 25 Dec 2012
Listing added 14 Jan 2014

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