0110103 by 0110103

0110 and 1037 escape, but only with your help.

What would you do if you found yourself with no memory of yourself or your whereabouts?

An ambient voice is resounding in your head, taunting you with the prospect of answers, only to blast music at you and laugh while you cry.

To whom does this voice belong? What is the nature of your existence? Why are these puzzles so difficult?

Find out on the first installment of 0110103!


Music made in LMMS but on Windows for some reason

Art made in Paint but not the good one.

Story and puzzles by some kid.

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Review by vbyro
22 May 2017
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22 May 2017
Was that red stuff under the capsule gore? Anyways I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! :D Please make a Part 2 where you are in a dream and more puzzles. And maybe a few good jams? Anyways loved it

Review by Zenaire
22 May 2017
This game was great! The story itself was interesting and read smoothly, and left me wanting more. Even though the story was resolved, it seemed a bit rushed towards the end and there are still several unanswered questions. The method to get the dog to move away from the exit was especially odd.

I couldn’t find any errors in grammar or punctuation, and only found one error in spelling; after the player exits the tube, there are three options to look left, right, or “observet” (instead of observe) the runes on the wall.

The puzzles were unique and original (although I did not understand the solution to the colored rune and tiles one). I loved the art; the style suited the game perfectly and was fun to watch. I can’t begin to imagine how much time went into creating all of it. Overall, I really enjoyed this and would love to see more like it in the future!

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Published 21 May 2017
Updated 03 Jul 2018