KING OF BEES IN FANTASY LAND by Brendan Patrick Hennessy

A videogame about space bees.
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Review by verityvirtue
15 Aug 2017
[Time to completion: 15-20 minutes]

You are a space knight. Earth has been laid to waste, and you are one of many setting out to discover new inhabitable planets. This planet on which your space pod has crashed seems ideal - if it weren't for the evil bees!!

This is a pastiche-y work by Hennessy similar to You Will Select a Decision by the same author, both featuring consciously imitated writing styles/speech patterns and a delight in subverting and lampshading tropes.

Conscious effort has been made with the styling. 8 bit fonts shout retro; typos and awkward sentence structures suggest a non-native English writer - a similar tactic used in You Will Select a Decision.

A bite-size game - ideal for a lunch break, maybe - in a cheerfully weird sci-fi setting.

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Brendan Patrick Hennessy
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Published 17 Jun 2013
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