Moonlight V. Spikers PART 2 [SLOW PROGRESS] by Detective


Slow Progress (stress):
Hi, Author speaking, this is a discontinued series, I have a lot of blocks in my way, such at writers and artist's block. I have lost motivation and inspiration. I've been down a lot, and havent worked on any of my games. I have forgotten about all of them, sadly.. Um, if you find this, I would love some motivation in the comments or review section. I am continuing the series, or at least hoping to.

Good Morning, this game is about a lynx clan versus a wolf pack. They eventually form together to make peace throughout the lands. Please fill out the form above if you have any ideas on what I should do while making this, Much appreciated. I will work on this as much as I can. I can do a live-stream on yt, if you want to see how the game is doing. :)
I will try as much as I can to fix any grammar or spelling mistakes. I get lazy throughout the day(s) as I work on this. Please enjoy, and don't forget to fill out the form above if you have any ideas!! <3

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Review by PippyBoi
24 Nov 2021
the shrek game is poggers and you gave it 2 stars

Review by PietroXI
09 May 2020
Lovely thus far, I enjoy it as much as the first one!

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