Quest For The Lost Sandwich by MythicalFlyingTurtles

Classic myth quest, but within the SANDWICH REALM! Be a Bread Brother, a Veggie Templar, a Cheese Wiz, or a Meat Guardian. Join the quest to find the holy sandwich, and destroy all who gets in your way!

Please leave a comment if you like what I did! I don't want to feel like nobody has seen my story. :D

It's still a WIP, so don't judge yet!


1/19/17: You can now become a full-fledged Bread Brother! Beware of the anchovies. You would be Krinkers to choose those.

1/30/17: After much procrastinating, I'm back! Time to continue work on the Cheese Academy. You can now become a full-fledged edgy boi.

2/12/17: Hey, your favorite flying turtle is back, this time with crappy pixel art! All art is mine.

2/14/17 Happy Valentine's day! I have a stupid website now, showcasing all of the art in this game. With descriptions of each an every character (mostly) this website is basically a QFTLS wikia! Hope you guys like it! Link down there!
Review by glutenwhip
18 Jan 2018
What you have so far looks great! Intriguing world that you're writing, and I'm excited to see the other paths as well! Cheese for life. B)

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