Letters from Mae by Nakzo

You get letters from a girl.. Decide if you open them and meet her, or if you you reject her and ignore the letters...

... find out who you are in this psychological horror story
Review by frognana
17 Mar 2019
my lil peanut brain? blown. this was cool, it went a completely different way than what i expected. i cant even really explain it.

Review by emmodii
22 Sep 2017
Actually moderately interesting. I was definitely expecting Mae to have been... Well... Not all that she seemed, but the truth of the story was definitely interesting, yes.

I'm guessing the girl in the hotel room wasn't Mae, since there was one route were I think she lived and ran off? My suspicions is that the character has... Perhaps some kind of dissociative identity disorder. Maybe.

But yes, well-written and interesting. Good job.

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