The Lost Valve by Anthony Radziszewski

Travel through a variety of worlds solving puzzles, discovering surprises, and reaching objectives in many combined storylines created from a range of Valve games.

Credit to Valve for sound effects, ideas, and inspiration

Ending music: Harlequin by Kevin Macleod (

P.S. (Important!)

There are two instances where the game may freeze, and these were bugs that we were unable to remedy. When using an object in the game, the options for what you would like to use the item on appear as hyperlinks. In two instances, the hyperlinks might not work and you must input the number of the item into the text box in order to progress in the game.

#1) When using the Force Staff, on either yourself or Chen, you must input the number of your option rather than use the hyperlink.
#2) When using the core on the incinerator, you must also input the number in the text box rather than clicking the hyperlink.

We have kept the descriptions vague in order to prevent spoiling anything, but keep these two situations in mind while playing so that you do not end up freezing.

Good luck!

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Review by GlobeFighter01
12 Mar 2016
Best Game Ever
it keeps on going and going and it's connected to the Valves

5 stars/5 stars
Best text based game

Review by neiman1010222
03 Sep 2013
Good job! Love how it connects to Valves games!!!

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Written by
Anthony Radziszewski

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 21 Apr 2013

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