Warrior Cats: Part 3 by Warriorcats908

Welcome back to Warrior Cats! You were out training with your mentor (Ashstar or your father) and he teaches you to use your other senses by using your nose. Your sniff the air for prey but instead of a rabbit or a mouse, you catch something else. It's not a fox, or a badger, or a Twoleg. A group of cats? You tell your father and says that it's a band of rogues. You rush to ThunderClan camp to gather a group of cats to scare them off. I wonder what you'll do...

Part 4: https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/9acd5l_dwkqbqglzkr5gnq/warrior-cats-part-4

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Review by annalikeesse
18 Aug 2021
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20 Oct 2020
Nice~ I love it!

12 Aug 2020
Really good!

Review by RoseWillow2930
11 Aug 2020
SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for part 5!

27 Jun 2020
AWSOME!!!!!!......more plz but i warn you DON'T IF YOUR HURT!!!!!!!!your health is more importint to us than a game and i'm not just saying that i promise

Review by C1713D
18 Jun 2020
Very nice can’t wait for more!

Review by IrisBlues32
03 Jun 2020
Beautiful! Pt 3 was a little short though!

Review by Detective
24 May 2020
It's a bit short, but Im assuming theres going to be a Part 4.. Btw my game of part 1 is done lol. Anyway, it's a grate game :)

Review by Mr.Puffy7
22 May 2020
I haven’t played this yet, but due to the previous ones, I KNOW this will be good

06 May 2020
Pretty lit!! (Wait, am I the first person to review this??) I am a fan of you now! (I followed your account so I can play the game soon). Good luck on this game! I am prepared for the next part now!

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