minor fall MAJOR LIFT by grrozny

You step into the shoes of Lev/Liubov Morgenshtern, a bigender writer living in the city of Svet-Dmitrin. You meet and get to know one Anzu Menelik, beautiful and mysterious. A proof-of-concept/prototype for a longer interactive fiction piece. May soon see updates.
Review by Ravi
21 Jul 2017
This is... so cute.. I'm.. I'm deceased...
Fantastic writing. Great descriptions and choices.
I love that you deciding to include LGBTQ+ in this story, I find it really relatable.
The music got a bit too much after a while though.
However, I loved it. Thank you for a great experience.

Review by sarahworm
17 Jun 2017
I love this - really lovely descriptions and writing, and I like how they keep going and how much detail there is. Wish it were longer!

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