Warrior Cats, Midnight's Adventure by squirrelflight AJ

You, Midnight, a she-cat, Warrior of ThunderClan is the most popular among toms. Can YOU find a way out of this mess or just pick a mate? Unfortunately, none. Play to see what happens!

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Review by Mintstar WCUE
15 May 2022
nice I kind of like it

Review by Roeseii
03 Oct 2021
The game is... honestly NOT good?

1. Why doesn't "Midnight" have a warriors name? She could have clearly been called "Nightshadow" or "Nightjay", ect. Her having been named "Midnight" doesn't make sense unless she was a former rogue/loner and joined Thunderclan

2. Why can she swim? Thunderclan cats know NOTHING about how to swim?

3. Heartheart isn't a warriors name. You just repeated Heart twice (i thought it said Heatherheart the first time i read it, which would of been ok!) I don't mean to be rude but did you have zero idea what to call her and just decided "Heartheart sounds good! No one will make a fuss about it"?

4. Flipfeather "did what Tigerstar did to his "mates""??? I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, as I haven't read the books in a while but. what???

In conclusion: This game is still confusing, even with the "explaining" at the end. The grammar is OKAY but its short and again, very confusing. If you've read through this or scrolled to the bottom, thanks! Why don't you try out the WIP game I'm making if you want to support?

Review by Warriorcats908
14 Oct 2020
It's okay but you've got to make sure that the whole story makes sense. We know that it is about a female cat who may find a mate or escape this love issue. But we don't always focus on the main idea. You've gotta focus on the small details too and making them clear. It doesn't make sense that you suddenly black out and wake up, finding yourself with some kits. We didn't even choose who our mate was. Another thing that needs to make sense, how does Midnight, a cat of ThunderClan, know how to swim? All of the cats except for the RiverClan cats and Graystripe, don't know how to swim unless a RiverClan cat taught her how to swim. If she was taught how to swim, perhaps include that at the start or switch Clans.

This part isn't really important but since I know about Warrior Cats, shouldn't Midnight have a suffix? Because there is no such thing of a prefix called 'Mid'. A suffix that could fit with Midnight could be like 'thorn' or 'pool'. If you don't wanna use 'thorn' or 'pool', you can also check out this list, containing all the Warrior Cats prefixes and suffixes: https://www.deviantart.com/cheerios11/journal/Big-List-of-Warrior-cat-name-Prefixes-and-Suffixes-395165921

So to conclude my review, make sure everything is clear, don't focus on the main idea only, focus on the small parts too and make sure your Warrior Cat character is in the right Clan so they have the right skills. And if you plan on doing another Warrior Cat game, it would be best if you used those tips.

Review by Detective
29 Aug 2020
Um. First of all, this game makes no sense kinda. Like how do you faint after you've taken a swim, just met with a tom cat, etc. ?? Confusing on what this is exactly. I recommend you fix these details to make a lot more sense. It is very short so I wouldn't recommend this to people who hate confusion and short games. This doesnt really fit with the warrior cats at all, even if I havent read it. It does not make sense nor does it fit in properly with romance. Do a better job next time.

Review by Misterfox
28 Aug 2020
This is a good game, but how do you suddenly end up having kits? I'm so confused... Why does no one seem to care about your confusion? Or even ask who the father is? But other then that this is a good game :) I like how it's short and clear.

Review by Waterstar
28 Aug 2020
Short and confusing, would not recomend for anyone

27 Jun 2020
Great job!5 stars from me for sure!

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Published 18 Feb 2019