The Idealist by BenCrispin

'The morning was crisp, the sky was bright, and - despite all my best intentions - there was a dragon sitting on my doorstep'

An odd little Twine game made for a WAG gamejam
Review by ethanlu121
23 Dec 2015
Good game.

Review by DaNiX88
06 Jul 2015
This story is definitely a philosophical adventure. Once I figured out the concept and writing style of the three levels of reality, I could maneuver effortlessly through the places and phases of the story. The writing style was near-flawless (I think I spotted two grammatical errors), and classical, yet modern (the author used language from Latin, to sophisticated English, to modern words relating to current social media networking). I could envision the main character and feel as he feels.

All in all, this story gave me an educational and whimsical reminder of what reality is or could possibly be. I highly recommend people interested in philosophy and different ways of thinking to read this story. You will not be disappointed in anything except for the fact that it ends seemingly all-too-soon.

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Published 30 Jun 2015