True Tales of a Snail-Town Slave: Part One by ShatteredPikeStudio

"True Tales of a Snail-Town Slave: Part One" is a post-apocalyptic rpg where the reader takes on the role of a survivor sold off to Snail-Town, a settlement carved into the very shell of a gigantic, mutated snail. The snail travels the Big Nothing, a vast desert in the center of the ruined world, and Snail-Towners take advantage of this pattern to trade with settlements and enclaves along the route. One of the electric carts used to trade has gone missing, and the reader is forced to journey into the desert with only an aluminum bat and three ratling companions to recover it.

True tales uses game mechanics based upon "The Black Hack" role playing game by David Black. The story uses logic and markers to track everything from character reactions and consequences to "health points" and armor.
Review by RachelTheSeeker
12 Jun 2018
Short but sweet. Had some fun character interactions and a simple-but-functional combat scenario. Can't wait for the next part!

Review by GameofChocolate
06 Jun 2017
It wasn't too bad. Looking forward to more.

Review by ParadoxVirus
01 Jun 2017
Pretty good, wish it was just a tad bit longer though. Can't wait to play part two!

Review by snazzy ray
13 Mar 2017
Great game. A bit short, but very well done and entertaining.

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