The Wolf's Heart by ShadowWolf

This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Incomplete

The game appears to be unfinished, or is a demo of a longer work which has not yet been completed. Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised.
Your eyes snap open as you try to get up, but you struggle against the metal ropes wrapped tightly around you. You feel something wet and sticky underneath you, and the strong smell of blood fills your nose.
"Oh good, you're awake," a voice said, "Don't worry, we'll get you up soon."
"W-what are you doing to me?" You manage to whisper.
All of the sudden a weightless, stomach-wrenching pain swirled around you and you black out. The last words the voice says echoes in your ear.
"What am I doing? I'm making you immortal."

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Review by Heres a problem
27 Feb 2020
Why would you publish an incomplete game where u can't even start it??

Review by ToxicThoughts666
17 Nov 2019

Review by ThinkB4UHitMe123
07 Nov 2018
PLEASE FINISH ITS SO GOOD SO FAR (as in the first passage)

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