Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court by Choice of Games

The complete trilogy! Plunge into court politics and change the course of history, or pursue a love affair that rocks the kingdom to its foundations!
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Review by masonbane364
05 Jan 2018
to my personal thought, I would say the game is good but what if you can't buy the second part in the story… there would be a free pass that let's you play through the whole story and there should be achievements, and to get the free pass you would have to get at least 9 achievements accomplished in the story

Review by madgirl2020
31 Aug 2016
I have already played this game twice and still love it!!!

Review by YumYumLady
02 Apr 2016
A four because it was a great game but need to pay if you wish to continue. I don't think so.

Review by the_ringmaster
29 Jul 2015
Not bad, but part one was rather predictable with its paths. However, it was nice to be able to choose the initial strengths of each stat and the politics mAde it realistic. Would have liked it if the whole story was free, but this is also a business venture, I suppose.

Review by manam
02 Jul 2015
I played the app version and I LOVED it.

Review by Sacrilege
22 May 2015
It was interesting, but not something out of the ordinary.
It was nice to be able to choose who to like but it was kind of obvious where the plot will go with each decision you make. It was nice, but no so much.
I'd give it some extra stars but the "buy the next chapter" really killed my mood when things started to warm up.

Review by MiserablePenguin
18 Mar 2015
Amazing! I just wish I could play parts 2 and 3...

Review by ExoGeni
13 Dec 2014
I found the writing to be good, but really? We have to pay for the next to chapters how cheap could you get?

Review by nilli089
07 Aug 2014
It's a good game so far. I would love to replay and go through the other choices too.

Review by popapop
06 Jun 2014
A Great game, did part 1, a lot of good choices in it and it keeps you very much interested and involved. While you do have to pay for Part 2 and 3, 0.99 on the app store so it's not very expensive and probably worth it. Very great writing. Part 1 from what I played could have used as one said more emotion. However it was still good. I wish it did continue a little bit longer however.
Not only those things but it has great replayablity and will probably play again very soon.

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