Someone's Watching by DandyuBaby

Mia just moved into a new house on the edges of the city. It's an old house, covered in climbing roses. A real romantic's house. But something She feels someone watching her when she is going to sleep at night, she hears a soft giggle before she drops off to sleep, Mia feels a cold breeze graze the back of her neck when she enters the attic.
Something is up, and she is determined to find out what it is.

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17 Sep 2019
OK, but you should finish the game.

22 Aug 2019
It’s great 👍 but the ending is too abrupt.

Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
Pretty short, and unfinished, just a few choices. It's a pretty common theme, but writing's nice.

Review by nikonbob1
06 Aug 2015
really liked it short but is a demo worth the play but since its 2015 and last update was 2014 prob wont get a update tho one can hope

Review by NaniMH69
21 Feb 2015
It was nice and I liked the options but I wish it was longer

Review by xbunnylove
05 Jul 2014
Pretty good, I can see you aren't quite finish yet? My suggestions is to add in more options and give the ability to explore a little. Very good so far. :)

Review by FuriousPolishGamer
22 May 2014
Holy crap. This is good.

Review by Link6415
11 Apr 2014
A great game. I understand its a demo, the finished version will be good i presume! I'll give it a 4. ;)

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