Surrounded by Masculinity by Orangeban

Like my last game, sort of an autobiographical adventure, more of a mosaic of parts of my life, stitched around one particular incident.
Review by Tinyleaffing
08 Sep 2017
Meh, great to know that this story is relatable by many trans, and you want to show to people how a trans person feel like, but it's boring, just too boring to me.

Review by wacazord
02 Jul 2016
Really beautiful game, like interactive poetry. Excellent mood, just enough confusion to immerse you without being annoying. Really good at showing being stifled. I think it's about a trans girl because of all the times she was asked if she was a boy or a girl and she said girl, and she called her "manhood" her shame. I'm trans (but not a girl) and I think that kind of seems familiar.

Review by PerrySteven
21 Nov 2014
Really intense game, it actually shows the reality of it. Living in a society which boasts about equality, when really, it wasn't there to begin with.

27 Jul 2013
Quite good. I like how it just loops back to the start, leaving you feeling like there really is no way out.

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