Cubes and Ladders by prail

This story takes place in the corporate office of Minimax, a struggling electronics company. Your character is a new employee who is about to be called on to explore the office, meet interesting people, and solve puzzles. Your role is to guide him and make decisions. There are multiple story endings possible. You can win the game by solving all the puzzles, or you could end up fired, or even dead.

Instructions For Play

This story understands common verbs as well as the names of objects that appear in the story.

Most of what you type will have the pattern: ACTION OBJECT. Where ACTION is the verb, and OBJECT is a noun to which it applies. Depending on the action, adding a phrase with a second object may be appropriate: Put the donut on the table, for instance.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the environment. Each time you enter a room you’ll read a description of your surroundings. Be thorough and examine everything mentioned. It might give you important clues for later. To examine objects or people in the room:

> examine phone

> x self

Moving around is as simple as typing the direction you want to go. Use compass directions like east, west, north, south, southwest, etc. Or you can also abbreviate e, w, n, s, etc. Typing up or down also works if those directions are available. You can also “walk to” a room, but only if you’ve visited there before.

> go east

> walk to Gallery

Using objects is accomplished with verb + noun combinations. The most common verbs you’ll need are simple ones like take, drop, put, and examine. Once you take a few objects you can review what you are carrying by typing INVENTORY, or just i for short. You can do more with objects than just collect them. Some can be worn, eaten, opened, unlocked, etc. Devices can be turned on and off too.

You should also examine any characters you meet for more clues about them. You can also interact with them by asking questions or giving them objects.

> x Mary

> Ask Mary about her cat

> show cookie to Mary

You can restart the game by typing restart. There is no way to undo moves or save your progress. 

If you need your character to wait for a period of time type wait until 1:45 PM, and the time will pass until that time is reached. You can see the current story time and room name in the banner of the page. You could also type advance time to 1:45 PM if you prefer.

You will need a pen and paper to take notes and map the rooms you discover as you explore the game. This will make it easier for you to retrace your steps when needed.

If you need a hint, try typing hint commands, or hint character, where character is the name of the character in the story. For example, "hint boss" will tell you about the boss character and some topics you might ask her about.

Read more about this game in the Interactive Fiction Database :

If you get stuck, read the walkthrough (beware of spoilers):
Review by jojo-dogface
15 Feb 2023
Good short IF game. I enjoyed the humor and attention to detail. I would have been lost without the walkthrough. Thanks for that.

Review by goodbunny2
09 Feb 2023
Well, its a game. but honestly i feel like it could be more descriptive coz i kept getting confused. honestlyy not much happens, its kinda boring. But, you tried.

Review by broadwaydude
05 Feb 2023
Okay, you must appreciate it wholeheartedly when you see a solid attempt at a text adventure game.

The AI art gives the game a whole new life. An easy detail that came a long way.

Despite its noninteractive prologue, the environment and storytelling move quite well! The stakes of the matter are quite large, and exploring the fun futuristic products of the company makes the game interesting and worth playing.

The puzzles and scavenger hunting you get to complete your report for the meeting is very straightforward but clever enough to make you feel like you're good at parser games.

Although, once you hand in your report, the path forward is unclear. Every step forward feels arbitrary. Once I started using the walkthrough, I couldn't stop using it. Some things, such as noticing the cap, were impossible to spot unless you looked at that specific location.

This game could do with a few more quality-of-life updates, but overall, I had a lot of fun and looked forward to continuing my exploration. Hopefully, this game can get more acknowledgment for its efforts at creating thoroughly developed content.

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